Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top tips to prepare for citizenship interview

To be a legal international citizen, there’re several steps one should follow. Besides the usual stay permit within a particular state for three or five years and citizenship test, you need to clear interview as well. The session assesses communication skills and knowledge probable applicant has about relevant country’s history, geography, socio and geo-political affairs with latest trends. If you’ve a citizenship interview coming up, better peep at a few hints mentioned here so you can ace the entire process without any discrepancy.

Come prepared with all paperwork
While preparing for citizenship interview, carrying all the necessary documents is important. Applications and other crucial paperwork must be present when you come for interview along with green card form. These forms prove your legality whereas failure to comply would only delay the entire process. In rare cases, citizenship application is rejected entirely and you’ve to pursue the whole procedure from scratch.

Application form
Carefully read the application form and understand it. It’s likely to have questions regarding country’s history, your family and personal details being part of eligibility criteria. Do remember the answers for each question as same would be asked during interview. Answers should match with those in the form or else expect citizenship denial. Furthermore, don’t be overconfident in your approach or it’ll complicate the process even more.

What to dress for the interview?
Consider the same as you do for business clients! The gist is to impress your boss, delegation and other attendees with attire whereas the same holds true for citizenship interview. Your interviewer will be spruced up and he expects the same from you as well so don’t let him down; make it a lasting impression. If you’re short of a nice dress, borrow it from a friend or close relative but avoid putting on usual jeans and T-shirt. Such dress code is often disregarded especially with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Ace the test & interview
We’ll quote an example of US and Spain citizenship investment test that comprises 10 different questions. Each revolves around history and government matters like who’ll lead the nation if president dies, economic laws and jurisdictions, questions on different wars especially Civil War are covered. You can view sample test modules on the web or government’s official website for clarity.

Interview notification date, time and venue are provided via local mail draft. Be sure to get there 30 minutes earlier, ensuring no delays and have your passport, permanent resident, re-entry permit and identification card along. Candidate would be asked to take oath and English reading, writing and communication test.

Process thereafter
A decision letter is issued after interview highlighting results. Details of “Notice of Naturalisation Oath Ceremony” are included in the letter only for successful applicant that’s the last step. When attending the oath ceremony, you’ve to check-in and surrender permanent residency card to agency. Several follow up questions are asked that you can find on the back of “Notice of Naturalisation Oath Ceremony”. After reciting the oath, you’ll be granted “Certificate of Naturalisation” that makes applicant a legal resident of particular state.

Provided above are the details of citizenship interview based on U.S nationality program. Know that requisites may vary from one country to another however basic procedure remains as above.

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