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Online Business Startup Issues for Entrepreneurs

What problems entrepreneurs are facing when they start an online business? We have covered some basic issues in this infographics. To learn more about starting an online business you may like to read following eBook:

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Jumeriah Lake Towers an affordable alternative for luxury lovers

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is one of the largest groundbreaking developments in Dubai, UAE. The vibrant community consists of several residential and commercial towers constructed in the form of clusters among manmade lakes. Whether being completed or under construction, most of the towers consist of 35-45 levels except for its centerpiece, the “Almas Tower” that possess 66 floors. High rise towers are constructed to make 26 clusters that are named from A to Z, whereas individual towers within the clusters are numbered officially like 1, 2 and 3 with their official names as well.

Where it is located?
Located by Sheikh Zayed Road, the extravagant neighbourhood of sparkling skyscrapers is difficult to ignore. Closely located with bustling Dubai Marina, the north and south parts of this prestigious community are served by two Metro stations JLT and Dubai Marina. Residents can enjoy car free entry to the Mall of Emirates, airport, old Dubai, JBR beach side and Ibn Battuta Mall.

How JLT manages to offer luxury at affordable price?
Despite being located next to Palm Jumeirah, the project is listed among the less-expensive residential communities. Common life style amenities include purposefully constructed retail, dining and recreational areas like green parks, walkways, jogging and cycling tracks. Master developer, particularly focuses to provide all necessities of modern lifestyle anyone can think of; these include state-of-the-art branches of supermarket brands, travel agents, gym, beauty salon, laundry services, pharmacies and medical centers. Such outlets are usually located at tower podiums. Handy access to lifestyle amenities, good connectivity with leading malls coupled with well-constructed lodging and commercial units facilitate JLT to offer luxury standard of living to its residents at affordable prices. You can choose to buy or rent property in Jumeirah Lake Towers at reasonable rates.

Property type can decide prices
As one can see JLT is all about living in a high-rise tower. The project doesn’t have villas and townhouses to accommodate larger families. Apartment units range from spacious studios to three bedroom units. The smaller sizes as compared to standard family homes make the property less expensive in this neighbourhood. Small and nuclear families love to rent or buy a lodging unit in communities offering sufficient living space, good transport and community facilities at their doorstep.

Economic entitlement can also affect price
Having been entitled as a freezone, JLT has become an allure for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to start up their business setup with low capital amount. As they don’t need to pay any taxes and custom duties, they prefer to establish their corporate office in the neighbourhood. Even multinationals are considering opening their offices in such projects to reduce their total expenses.

Easy access to community amenities
The presence of modern lifestyle amenities within the community doesn’t demand residents to spend a lot on long commutes to access lifestyle and workplace. As JLT paid special attention to provide primary necessities from retail, health, fitness and education to dining and entertainment options within the reach. This has significantly reduced the cost of living in the neighbourhood.

Summary: Jumeirah Lake Towers is a well-balanced mixed use development, perfectly offering the true ambience of luxury lifestyle. The community offers comfortable accommodation units and well-constructed office units for rent and sale with freehold entitlements to attract foreign investors, expats and second home seekers.

Why should you rent apartment in Palm Jumeirah?

Perfectly located in the coastal areas of Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago. The development is a masterpiece project by Emirate luxury property developer Nakheel.
The palm shaped island consists of 8 fronds which are connected to main land via a trunk. Furthermore, a crescent surrounded these fronds serves as a water breaker. After extending 6.5 kilometers in to the Arabian Gulf, it adds up total area of 60 kilometers to the Emirate’s coastal line. The development is not only a unique place to live, but also possess some profitable investment opportunities for both foreign and local investors. Although luxury property prices in Dubai are comparably lesser as compared to other global cities, buying is not always suitable for everyone. If you find yourself in the same dilemma, then renting will fulfill your desires to own a house in a luxury development. Following are few reasons describing benefits of renting here.

Stunning sea views
Whether you choose to rent a villa on the frond or you choose an apartment unit in the high-rise residential tower on the trunk, its proximity to sea not only offers you stunning sea views but also give direct access to a diverse range of entertainment activities, which are usually available in beach clubs.

Lifestyle amenities
Dotted across the trunk, shoreline towers are capable to offer well-equipped luxury housing units. Besides offering a decent sized living space, residential towers also offer a wide range of cafes, restaurants and recreation activities. Oceana, Marina Residence, Tiara Residence, IGY Anchor, Marina Shoreline Apartments and the Golden Mile are the few most famous housing projects of this development.

Perfect for families with kids
Apartment for rent Palm Jumeirah can be a flawless choice for standard families with kids, as it houses every lifestyle necessity range from schools, hospitals and shopping destinations. Famous institutes in and around include Regent International School, American School of Dubai, The Wellington International School, Dubai National School and Emirates International School. Hospitals serving the community residents are Medicare Hospital, NMC Family clinic and Jebel Ali Hospitals. Moreover, the inhabitants can avail world class shopping facilities in luxury shopping hubs like Dubai Pearl Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and Mall of Emirates.

A unique landmark of its kind
The development holds the status of biggest manmade landmark on the earth. Beautifully located on the Persian Gulf, the destination offers extremely beautiful sea views to everyone living and visiting this neighborhood. Unmatched services and extraordinary lavish residences and luxury hotels with private huge beaches away from the hustle of the city, make it heaven for those who are looking for a peaceful shelter.

Excellent connectivity with main land
Perhaps, you are thinking the island is an isolated entity located somewhere far away from the mainland. Despite being an island, the territory is connected with the mainland at Al Sufouh Road just before the enthralling district of Dubai Marina. Moreover, a flyover from Sheikh Zayed Road provides direct access to this elite community. To entice visitors, a huge parking at the foot of the island is also made that allows visitors to jump-off their vehicles to enjoy a monorail trip to step down a world class resort The Atlantis.

Summary: The exotic lifestyle facilities, peaceful environment and luxury accommodation units make Palm Jumeirah a lavish place to buy or rent an apartment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Travel agency requisites & insight

If you love travel and already looking forward to start a travel agency, it’ll surely bring profit with best career opportunities. Besides, you’ll earn and travel around the world hence double the advantage. There’re several ways to start and run a travel agency successfully however you might consider few details as mentioned below so read on.

Start-up capital
You can either run a small travel agency from a secluded portion of your home or simply rent a floor in one of commercial buildings. Area where you’ll initiate the company would decide total start-up capital required. Keeping costs to a minimum, home-based travel agency is best and you don’t even need too much investment except for telephone connection, computer, furniture and electricity. Even if you prefer renting a small nook, it costs thousands of dollars as compared to hundreds for a home-based office. Above all, think of time and cost you’ll save to further grow the company.

Basic tasks
Agency owner’s responsibilities extend beyond airline tickets, cruises and hotel rooms. Their services include visa and passport assistance, transport and accommodation, work out corporate and family travel packages, research for company and group vacations so on. Few even participate in event planning for special occasions like wedding and provide a budget-friendly solution. With time as business grow, these small-time agencies may launch ST Kitts and Nevis citizenship passport programs but only after government’s support.

Win & retain clients
If winning new clients seems hectic, retain existing ones would give you twice the headache. A travel agency usually have two primary markets;
- One is consumers who travel and can be any individual. As agents may deal with dozens of customers in a day, anywhere across the globe; limiting targets to local market isn’t necessary.
- Second and most important is serving business/corporate market. Alliance with large companies may gain you profit as their travel needs are extensive. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t overlook smaller companies for the sake of profit; work closely and diligently with all!

Sovereign contractors
In an attempt to hook-up clients without wasting time and effort, many travel agents form partnership agreement with established agencies right from the start. Once they’ve a good grasp over fundamentals and profitable list of clientele, they annul the contract in a legal manner and initiate their own travel agency.

Revenue/earning potential
A travel agent derives commission from two sources. One’s the service fees charged to clients who make travel reservations. The larger the business, better the commission whereas focusing on much high-end products would boost income potential. Travel agents can earn anywhere between 15 to 20 percent of average cost from services whereas proportion may vary per nature of business operation. Cruise businesses are highly profitable that may get you anywhere around 25 to 30 percent in today’s market.

As it’s a performance-based job, you’ve full control over monetary flow. A general study indicated agents earning can be anywhere between 12,000 dollars to 30,000 per annum. Worth noting fact is of earnings that can surpass the mere five-figure; “Travel Weekly” magazine cited home-based agents generate more than 65,000 dollars a year.

Today, there’re thousands of travel agencies around the world with each providing best-ever services and package deals. All you need is to research and pick the best whereas executing your own would be a cinch after going through above facts.

Top tips to prepare for citizenship interview

To be a legal international citizen, there’re several steps one should follow. Besides the usual stay permit within a particular state for three or five years and citizenship test, you need to clear interview as well. The session assesses communication skills and knowledge probable applicant has about relevant country’s history, geography, socio and geo-political affairs with latest trends. If you’ve a citizenship interview coming up, better peep at a few hints mentioned here so you can ace the entire process without any discrepancy.

Come prepared with all paperwork
While preparing for citizenship interview, carrying all the necessary documents is important. Applications and other crucial paperwork must be present when you come for interview along with green card form. These forms prove your legality whereas failure to comply would only delay the entire process. In rare cases, citizenship application is rejected entirely and you’ve to pursue the whole procedure from scratch.

Application form
Carefully read the application form and understand it. It’s likely to have questions regarding country’s history, your family and personal details being part of eligibility criteria. Do remember the answers for each question as same would be asked during interview. Answers should match with those in the form or else expect citizenship denial. Furthermore, don’t be overconfident in your approach or it’ll complicate the process even more.

What to dress for the interview?
Consider the same as you do for business clients! The gist is to impress your boss, delegation and other attendees with attire whereas the same holds true for citizenship interview. Your interviewer will be spruced up and he expects the same from you as well so don’t let him down; make it a lasting impression. If you’re short of a nice dress, borrow it from a friend or close relative but avoid putting on usual jeans and T-shirt. Such dress code is often disregarded especially with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Ace the test & interview
We’ll quote an example of US and Spain citizenship investment test that comprises 10 different questions. Each revolves around history and government matters like who’ll lead the nation if president dies, economic laws and jurisdictions, questions on different wars especially Civil War are covered. You can view sample test modules on the web or government’s official website for clarity.

Interview notification date, time and venue are provided via local mail draft. Be sure to get there 30 minutes earlier, ensuring no delays and have your passport, permanent resident, re-entry permit and identification card along. Candidate would be asked to take oath and English reading, writing and communication test.

Process thereafter
A decision letter is issued after interview highlighting results. Details of “Notice of Naturalisation Oath Ceremony” are included in the letter only for successful applicant that’s the last step. When attending the oath ceremony, you’ve to check-in and surrender permanent residency card to agency. Several follow up questions are asked that you can find on the back of “Notice of Naturalisation Oath Ceremony”. After reciting the oath, you’ll be granted “Certificate of Naturalisation” that makes applicant a legal resident of particular state.

Provided above are the details of citizenship interview based on U.S nationality program. Know that requisites may vary from one country to another however basic procedure remains as above.

How many passports can you have at a time?

Immigration laws around the world allow a person to own multiple passports. This is commonly known as dual citizenship or sometimes, multi-citizenship. Possessing more than a single passport today is quite useful as you may travel more often for employment or study perspectives. Moreover, multiple passport holders are considered equal citizens of concerned state thus have easy access to work, study and property ownership rights.

Acquiring passports
Although number of passports a person may have is unlimited, each country has particular criterion that must be followed. Place of birth, permanent residency, heritage, marriage or a foreign native spouse; these are a few factors that’ll decide whether one’s eligible for dual citizenship or not. In-case a child is born in one country while his parents belong to another, he’s heir to dual nationality.

At-birth passport
For instance if father is from UK being a naturalised citizen of US, mother is from Ireland but now a Canadian passport holder and child himself is born in New Zealand! He is bestowed with citizenship of all five states under the preliminary laws. But one should understand the rules for clearly!

Passports with adulthood
Besides citizenship a person holds at the time of birth, he may possess more at adulthood based on marriage, country of residence and of-course, dual citizenship invest laws. As per US Immigration Support, not all countries favour multiple nationality; means native residents aren’t allowed to have more than a single passport. For those who do, legal action will be taken under state laws. Other countries bestow citizenship after living there for at-least three to five years require that you don’t travel offshore. In-case of marriage, nationality may be given in least three years.

Statistical inference
Studies revealed that more or less 89 countries around the world allow dual or multiple nationalities with Australia on top where four to five million Australians have double citizenship. Surprisingly, it happened at the time when more than a single nationality wasn’t even allowed in Australia! Number seems to grow every year with Americans taking the lead. Most people don’t even realise that they’re blessed with double citizenship unless matured enough to travel solo and carry a passport.

Not easy but significant
Even with all the benefits of dual passports, obtaining them isn’t a cinch. As political unrest grow in most parts of the world especially in the West, countries are fighting to restore fiscal health. You might’ve noticed lots of rumours and unreliable advices over the web regarding second passport, following them blindly would get you in serious trouble. Therefore, don’t mull over shortcuts and explore as many options as possible. Consult local and international travel agencies but make sure they’re consistent. This political diversification somehow comes with benefits of obtaining multiple passports and must be considered; especially those living in a highly volatile economy.

What’s there to conclude?
After all the above discussion, we conclude that dual nationality is beneficial and widely recognised today. It’s possible you’re a rightful heir of multiple passports depends on mentioned factors. Before sending an application, carefully understand the relevant laws to avoid dire consequences such as your passport voided. Know that certain countries like India, Norway, Denmark, China, Korea, South Africa, Mexico and Singapore don’t permit double nationality. Follow the details precisely!

Consequences of illegal immigration on economy

While many believe that illegal immigration is detrimental to economic stability of US and can cause job loss, illegal immigrants beg to differ. They say that available jobs are substandard and low-waged that not even US citizens like to fill with unattractive work hours. They assert that cheap labour dive down price and keeps economy moving. Economy comprise of free monetary flow, goods and services and production of such.

Illegal immigration directly impacts financial system, driving companies to cut costs as market pressure tightens. When unlawful colonisation occurs, economic foundations are destabilised. However, an adverse yet optimistic effect is affordable goods price since production process is performed on a much lower rate thus increase market supply as well. Shoppers can easily find better deals on luxury items as well irrespective of whether illegal immigrants are located by the supply chain.

Economic aftermath over loss of unlawful migrant workmen
Low wage positions, further complicated by arduous work tasks that get you physically and mentally tired results in frequent job dismissal. Most companies find themselves on brink of collapse while others struggle with weight of overburdened workforce. On-hand available and dedicated immigrants; though illegal, are willing to fulfil the vacancy just for the sake of earning bread-and-butter. Not only has it fostered economic growth but increase business productivity with less expenditure. Companies are then at a position to force price rise on certain goods and services.

Economic advantages
Both, consumers and companies benefit alike in presence of illegal immigrant workforce. Imagine production of quality goods at a much lower cost and in bulk; it’s nothing more than a win-win situation as migrants get employment while companies produce more for less. In-addition, more jobs can be created depends on nature of business, client statistics, profit inflow and availability of raw material.

Pessimistic affect
Though more than 80 percent US business owners favour immigrants due to all the profit they enjoy and compete on international level, there’re a few facing tough time. Fresh graduates seeking internship or permanent employment as well as youngsters who lack high school diploma have much difficulty in finding such opportunities. They’re more furious on competing with unlawful migrants. Seasonal and hospitality jobs are usually fulfilled by these migrants but their presence in other industries holds prominence as well.

Tax – The big picture
Nobody’s denying the fact that migrant workforce helps preserve goods affordability purchased by locales however, there’re a few disadvantages with respect to this. The real flaw is when illegal immigrants fail contributing to tax pool whereas companies that hire them don’t pay unemployment insurance as well. Moreover, their lack of contribution to social security and medical increases tax load on native citizens.

There’re those migrants who enjoy all sorts of fringe benefits, social services and other form of public assistance without disbursing even a single penny through withholding taxes. Combining all the factors, situation favours to halt employment of these illegal immigrants for its draining the economy rather than positive contribution.

Elevay citizenship investment programs are also affected at times restricting to provide nationality. While global economic unrest remains among us, these programs may experience recurrent flux as well with changing laws. We’ve covered some major pros and cons of illegal colonisation and its long-term economic affect for a general understanding. While moving abroad, make sure you fulfil all legal requisites and avoid trouble!