Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Consequences of illegal immigration on economy

While many believe that illegal immigration is detrimental to economic stability of US and can cause job loss, illegal immigrants beg to differ. They say that available jobs are substandard and low-waged that not even US citizens like to fill with unattractive work hours. They assert that cheap labour dive down price and keeps economy moving. Economy comprise of free monetary flow, goods and services and production of such.

Illegal immigration directly impacts financial system, driving companies to cut costs as market pressure tightens. When unlawful colonisation occurs, economic foundations are destabilised. However, an adverse yet optimistic effect is affordable goods price since production process is performed on a much lower rate thus increase market supply as well. Shoppers can easily find better deals on luxury items as well irrespective of whether illegal immigrants are located by the supply chain.

Economic aftermath over loss of unlawful migrant workmen
Low wage positions, further complicated by arduous work tasks that get you physically and mentally tired results in frequent job dismissal. Most companies find themselves on brink of collapse while others struggle with weight of overburdened workforce. On-hand available and dedicated immigrants; though illegal, are willing to fulfil the vacancy just for the sake of earning bread-and-butter. Not only has it fostered economic growth but increase business productivity with less expenditure. Companies are then at a position to force price rise on certain goods and services.

Economic advantages
Both, consumers and companies benefit alike in presence of illegal immigrant workforce. Imagine production of quality goods at a much lower cost and in bulk; it’s nothing more than a win-win situation as migrants get employment while companies produce more for less. In-addition, more jobs can be created depends on nature of business, client statistics, profit inflow and availability of raw material.

Pessimistic affect
Though more than 80 percent US business owners favour immigrants due to all the profit they enjoy and compete on international level, there’re a few facing tough time. Fresh graduates seeking internship or permanent employment as well as youngsters who lack high school diploma have much difficulty in finding such opportunities. They’re more furious on competing with unlawful migrants. Seasonal and hospitality jobs are usually fulfilled by these migrants but their presence in other industries holds prominence as well.

Tax – The big picture
Nobody’s denying the fact that migrant workforce helps preserve goods affordability purchased by locales however, there’re a few disadvantages with respect to this. The real flaw is when illegal immigrants fail contributing to tax pool whereas companies that hire them don’t pay unemployment insurance as well. Moreover, their lack of contribution to social security and medical increases tax load on native citizens.

There’re those migrants who enjoy all sorts of fringe benefits, social services and other form of public assistance without disbursing even a single penny through withholding taxes. Combining all the factors, situation favours to halt employment of these illegal immigrants for its draining the economy rather than positive contribution.

Elevay citizenship investment programs are also affected at times restricting to provide nationality. While global economic unrest remains among us, these programs may experience recurrent flux as well with changing laws. We’ve covered some major pros and cons of illegal colonisation and its long-term economic affect for a general understanding. While moving abroad, make sure you fulfil all legal requisites and avoid trouble!

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