Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How many passports can you have at a time?

Immigration laws around the world allow a person to own multiple passports. This is commonly known as dual citizenship or sometimes, multi-citizenship. Possessing more than a single passport today is quite useful as you may travel more often for employment or study perspectives. Moreover, multiple passport holders are considered equal citizens of concerned state thus have easy access to work, study and property ownership rights.

Acquiring passports
Although number of passports a person may have is unlimited, each country has particular criterion that must be followed. Place of birth, permanent residency, heritage, marriage or a foreign native spouse; these are a few factors that’ll decide whether one’s eligible for dual citizenship or not. In-case a child is born in one country while his parents belong to another, he’s heir to dual nationality.

At-birth passport
For instance if father is from UK being a naturalised citizen of US, mother is from Ireland but now a Canadian passport holder and child himself is born in New Zealand! He is bestowed with citizenship of all five states under the preliminary laws. But one should understand the rules for clearly!

Passports with adulthood
Besides citizenship a person holds at the time of birth, he may possess more at adulthood based on marriage, country of residence and of-course, dual citizenship invest laws. As per US Immigration Support, not all countries favour multiple nationality; means native residents aren’t allowed to have more than a single passport. For those who do, legal action will be taken under state laws. Other countries bestow citizenship after living there for at-least three to five years require that you don’t travel offshore. In-case of marriage, nationality may be given in least three years.

Statistical inference
Studies revealed that more or less 89 countries around the world allow dual or multiple nationalities with Australia on top where four to five million Australians have double citizenship. Surprisingly, it happened at the time when more than a single nationality wasn’t even allowed in Australia! Number seems to grow every year with Americans taking the lead. Most people don’t even realise that they’re blessed with double citizenship unless matured enough to travel solo and carry a passport.

Not easy but significant
Even with all the benefits of dual passports, obtaining them isn’t a cinch. As political unrest grow in most parts of the world especially in the West, countries are fighting to restore fiscal health. You might’ve noticed lots of rumours and unreliable advices over the web regarding second passport, following them blindly would get you in serious trouble. Therefore, don’t mull over shortcuts and explore as many options as possible. Consult local and international travel agencies but make sure they’re consistent. This political diversification somehow comes with benefits of obtaining multiple passports and must be considered; especially those living in a highly volatile economy.

What’s there to conclude?
After all the above discussion, we conclude that dual nationality is beneficial and widely recognised today. It’s possible you’re a rightful heir of multiple passports depends on mentioned factors. Before sending an application, carefully understand the relevant laws to avoid dire consequences such as your passport voided. Know that certain countries like India, Norway, Denmark, China, Korea, South Africa, Mexico and Singapore don’t permit double nationality. Follow the details precisely!

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